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** Note: The above mentioned price may differ with respect to the saree material and patterns used. **

Drafting the outfit!

What you have to do to get your beautiful dress customised? You just need to follow the below steps!

  • First we request our customers to send a pic of the saree
  • We then ask for the customers preference and pattern design that they wish to have
  • Customers are then asked to courier their saree
  • Then customers measurement are collected with the help of the size chart provided.( We also suggest you to verify a video attached along with this)
  • The drafted outfit will be delivered within 10-15 business days at your doorstep.
  • Receive your unique outfit and enjoy the feel!
Note: We customise the style that you ask!

Courier your saree

Choose your style

Give your measurements

Get your outfit delivered!



People know kurti as a college wear which is basically very simple yet elegant. To your surprise, even a simple wear like a kurti can be made into a refined outfit only because of the cloth upcycled from a saree. Wanna impress- No just express!


A maxi  is a gown or a frock which leads to your ankle that is usually a function wear or an outfit weared during occasions and events.  We provide you with different kind of Maxis with variety of patterns which is stitched with 6 yards of sheer saree that automatically highlights you no matter where you are! When in doubt wear a maxi!




Women’s favourite yet least bought outfit which is worn during auspicious functions and special celebrations is a lehanga. Reduce your cost of buying a lahenga into only stitching it with a saree you have. If you ask me- I’d better do it..as for the material cost!

Indo Western

An outfit pretty much like a casual wear that is mostly trendy with all sorts of teenagers nowadays is indo Western style of wear. Tired of seeing someone dittoing your outfit? Here’s a solution of getting it customized and steeling the thunder while you are out!


We Create Beautiful Products With Your Saress

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